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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Butcher @ Syamille in Ampang

I officially declared this place as one of the best places to get the juiciest and most delicious steak in KL thus far!
Honestly, the best place to hang out with your family too.

I forgot when was this took place.
I think it was last week.
Or last two weeks ago.

And this is my steak... yummy!
The black pepper gravy is to die for!

It was nice too.
But I still think their specialty is the steak.
So juicy! So... *speechless*

And one of the best features is... bottomless drink! Hot and cold!
They have mocha, cappuccino, milo, teh tarik... and even tongkat ali ginseng!
I so love this place :)

Thank you Abah for treating us!


Riza Amrou said...

That.....looks good!

Might try it out too...Just as long as i can find out where it is.

How's the price range?

Anonymous. said...

Riza Amrou,

The price is just the price of the meat. That means, you select which slices you want them to cook for you, and the price of the meat is displayed as well. so kalau tak larat nak makan banyak, just choose the cheaper, cheaper means less meat.

You should try! Syamille's steak is like one of the best.